Heroes journey in youthwork

In every woman and in every man there is a part, which wants to make something out of one’s life, searching for change and further development. And there is another part standing in one’s own way. This part protects things as they have always been like (status quo) and is sabotaging anything new.

These two parts give a signal especially then when a transition into a new life situation comes up.

Is the conflict between desire and anxiety not solved, paralysis, listlessness and discontent will result.

Authentic and in their own sense successful people have learned, to accept and to integrate their adventurous and their protective part.

Heroes journey is a 7day intensive seminar suitable for people of any age standing in front of new life challenges. During the project Young people empowerment supported by Erasmus+ programm of European union, we have tailored this program for youth workers. Training is adressing need of deeper work, and stronger tools suitable for work with young people during uneasy moments appearing during adolescence. At the same time this methodology can be used by different types of social workers including youthworkers as a prevention of burn-out syndrome, fostering resilience. What is this training module about? It is called Heroes journey, and was developed by american director, actor and therapeut Paul Rebillot, who was inspired by cyclic process of individual following an inner call to fulfill his/her own life visions.

Particular steps are present in various ancient myths and legends. This training is supporting individual to follow this inner call and discover his/her own model of transformation. There are five steps of Heroes journey:

1. Discover the impulse of change and present it

2. Invite the resistance against it to show up

3. Let both sides act out the conflict and find a decision

4. Go into unknown land and pass tests

5. Recognize something new as gift and integrate it into everyday life

Following methods and techniques (based on theatre, dramatherapy and art-therapy), are very suitable for youthwork. They serve to guide young people during time of adolescence, while searching for visions and goals, stimulating creativity, supporting personal growth, solving inner and external conflicts, strenghtening sense of initiative, improving communication skills and supporting social and interpersonal growth of young person, encouraging selfconfidence and selfesteem.


• To develop skills and get knowledge related to providing effective youth work and training activities with special emphasis on Heroes journey model

• To share proven methods of guidance for adolescent youth through critical moments, based on creativity, art and theatre

• To create safe space where participants can work with: deeper selfexperience, discovering their own blockages and overcoming them, opening inner dialoque with their own Self

• To offer tools for prevention of burn-out syndrome among youthworkers, fostering their stability and resilience

• To connect new participants to existing network of trainers for future consultations and supervisions